First of all, the BarrelQ is a super cool barbecue. There is a basket in the barrel (60 or 200 L). You put charcoal or briquettes in, put the grid on i start to grill. Meat, fish, vegetables. Whatever you like.

But the BarrelQ is also a fire pit. Throw some wood in the basket, lit them and in no time the flames rise above the barrel. Burn Baby Burn. And if you don't use the BarrelQ as a barbecue or fire pit, use it as a standing table. With the standard supplied lid, it is a very cool side table. A lot of beers fit on it! :) Or bottles of wine. Again: whatever you like.

The BarrelQ is therefore multifunctional. And it also looks good. What else do you want? Maybe one of our extras: an apron or Teppanyaki plate. View all products in our store!


Let's get to the barbecue! We bring #FIRETOTHEPEOPLE

BarrelQ Big - Barbecue, firepit and table (200 litres)

Whether summer or winter. With the BarrelQ you always have hot days. Try it out and tell us about your experiences!



BarrelQ. Inspired by the street scene of New York in the 1980s. There you often saw barrels used to heat people. Exactly at the right height. Thus was born the prototype for the first BarrelQ. Sturdy, robust and multifunctional. A fire basket with an extra dimension. In the basis a BBQ. The basis for a social atmosphere. All our products have a sustainable character. Made from oil barrels, which have been given a second life thanks to BarrelQ. We

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